In its landmark ruling of January 16, 2015 the Supreme Court of Canada recognized the role of the Quebec Mounted Police Members’ Association as the representative of the majority of RCMP members in Quebec, and francophones throughout Canada.

This historic ruling comes after a long battle that dates back to the 1970s!

In effect, the Supreme Court reversed a decision it made back in 1999 in the Gaétan Delisle case and sides with the arguments put forward by those federal judges who made up the minority ruling in 1999.

The Supreme Court today stipulated that RCMP members’ constitutional rights were being flagrantly violated.

The court ordered the government to adopt legislation that gives RCMP members the right to unionize within a 12-month period. Failure to meet that deadline means that the RCMP will fall under the Public Service Labour Relations Act.

Because of the Supreme Court ruling, members of the RCMP will now be able to enjoy the same freedoms as their fellow Canadian citizens, whom they are proud to serve and protect.

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