The Quebec Mounted Police Members’ Association defends the rights of RCMP members of C Division and francophone members across Canada.

What does the QMPMA do for its members?

  • We serve the interests of the members only, unlike the SRRP, which often serves the interests of the employer.
  • On your behalf, we’ve actively supported community and youth assistance organizations throughout Quebec since 1996 through our Foundation.
  • In 1999 we founded the annual Quebec Police Awards to honour the bravery and dedication of Quebec’s law enforcement community.
  • We have fought for your right to freedom of association through the Supreme Court of Canada.
  • We helped bring the RCMP’s pension fund fiasco to light through sustained lobbying efforts.
  • We regularly liaise with police associations throughout Canada, the U.S. and the world.

The Quebec Mounted Police Members’ Association is recognized by all police unions across Canada. They include:

  • The Canadian Police Association
  • The Montreal Police Brotherhood
  • The Vancouver Police Union
  • The Toronto Police Association
  • The Quebec Provincial Police Association
  • The Ontario Provincial Police Association