For the past 40 years the Quebec Mounted Police Members’ Association (QMPMA) has been standing up for the rights of RCMP members in “C Division” and across Canada. We have done this despite the refusal by RCMP management to recognize our association and to engage in collective bargaining with us in your name.

All of this changed in the wake of the historic January 16, 2015 landmark decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, which recognized RCMP members’ rights of association and collective bargaining.

  • The landmark court decision proved to be a victory for members’ freedom of association, as it moved the RCMP rank-and-file closer to obtaining the same rights enjoyed by other police forces across Canada.
  • International law recognizes collective bargaining as an integral part of freedom of association. The court underlined that Canada is part of international treaties and conventions that recognize collective bargaining as being a key element of the right to unionize.
  • The court also has identified collective bargaining as a fundamental right that includes dignity, freedom and autonomy and embraces equity and democratic values.
  • The Quebec Mounted Police Members’ Association defends your rights and considers the freedom of association and collective bargaining as essential tools to improving and instilling the dignity of RCMP members and the pride that they hold in wearing the uniform.